When you deposit crypto into your crypto wallet, it automatically settles into your Bitunivex wallet and the status will change from "pending" into "Complete". This process usually takes from a few minutes up to a few hours based on the coin/token you deposit. 

pending status

Why my deposit hasn't arrived?

In some cases, you might see your crypto is confirmed on the blockchain explorers but still, it is not settled into your crypto wallet. In this case, you can wait for an hour or so, and if still you didn't receive your crypto, then log-in to your account. head to the History > Deposits > CHECK DEPOSITS STATUS 

on the popup window, fill the required fields including the Transaction ID, the name of the coin, and your wallet address in which you deposit. Click on submit.

By submitting the form, your deposit will automatically settle into your wallet. If you get an error of 400, it means you need to wait more and try later.
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