Trade Notification Alerts

When you login to Bitunivex trading account, click on Settings button.
In the 'Notifications' tab, please make sure all the alerts are ON.
This will ensure you that, when the trade happens, the notifications will appear to inform you that some action has been done.

Language Settings

On the same page, click on the Languagetab to change the preference.
From the drop-down menu, you can select the preferred language, so that you can trade at your comfort.

Warning Pop-ups

On the same Settings page, click on the Manage Risks tab.
The Mange Risks option gives you an alert while trading your cryptos, to decide whether you want to utilize all the funds or a certain percentage of it.
You can customize the percentage by clicking the 'Adjust Percentage' column.!
From here, you can enter the percentage amount at which you want the warning message to appear while trading.
Once you enter the amount, click on 'Set'.

It is recommended to ON the notifications all the time to avoid mistakes.
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