Convert currency into your favourite digital asset, liquidate your assets or change one crypto for other within just few seconds using 'Quick Trade' feature.

Instructions to convert.

Please login to your Bitunivex account with a registered email id & password.
Once you logged in, on the top left corner click on the 'Quick Trade' option.!

From the drop-down menu, select the asset you would like to convert. With regards to the currency, currently, there are AUD, EURO, UAE Dirham & British Pound (some fiat currencies may not be active right now).

Once you select the asset/currency, please enter the amount.
Then in the 'To' column, from the drop-down menu, select the option![](93256220-0146-4b35-9180-233a51e0e681)
Click on 'Review Order'.
It will show you the estimated amount of your conversion.

Click click on 'Confirm'. Then a success message appears.

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