AUD deposit/withdrawals are only available to level 2 users who have been already verified.

Check out our guide here for the KYC verification. 

For AUD Deposit / Withdrawal, you need to login into your account here.

How to AUD withdrawal

From the left-side menu, click on 'Wallet', then select 'AUD' from the list.
To withdraw, click on 'Withdraw' against AUD. 
You need to have some balance in your account before you proceed further.
If you have not deposited funds before, please find the article on how to make an AUD deposit
The below window opens, when you click on 'Withdraw'. 
Chose your bank from the dropdown menu. Enter the amount to withdraw then review and c**onfirm your order.******
You can also make a withdrawal using PayID which would be sent to your destination bank on an hourly basis.

How long does the AUD withdrawal take?

It is recommended to use Osko (PayID) for your AUD transactions. If so it is almost instantaneous cash-out. If you use the normal bank withdrawals, it might take up to 3 days for funds to settle in your Australian bank.
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