Instructions to withdraw assets.

Please login to Bitunivex account with registered email id & password.
Once you are in the Bitunivex platform, on the left side menu, click on Wallet.

Then hit withdraw against the crypto asset you are interested to withdraw.
Window is open with details to be entered. 
Enter the destination address of the receiver (this is generated when the receiver creates wallet for the particular asset). Please refer the article for more information on creating a wallet *
Then enter the amount to withdraw.
Click on 'Review Withdrawal'
The dialogue box will be open to confirm the details you entered. 
Click 'Confirm' to proceed.
You need to authenticate the process by entering the OTP (only for 2FA verified customers). For more information on how to register for 2FA, please refer the article How to Activate 2FA (2 Factor-Authentication).!
For further security, an email will be sent to the registered email address to confirm the transaction. 

Success message will appear once you confirm via Email. 13. If you do not see success, we would request you to click on confirm button in the email.

An email will be sent to your registered address confirming the transaction. 

*No transaction fee is charged for withdrawal within the exchange.
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